‘Downton Abbey’ season 4, episode 5 preview: Final teases with Laura Carmichael, Matt Milne

The latest -Before tomorrow night’s “Downton Abbey” season 4 episode airs, we wanted to talk about some of the photos related to the show; specifically the stories for a pair of very-important characters that are hopefully going to have some time in the limelight. In the case of one, it is someone who really has not had that much airtime at all unless it directly involves someone else. Who is it? read on. (Warning to Americans: Spoilers ahead!)

1. Alfred – Yes, we are starting with Matt Milne’s character, as this episode is going to feature him undergoing some more culinary training as he looks to better assist Mrs. Patmore and the kitchen staff as she fell victim to what appeared to be a serious bout of anxiety this past week.

There may not be that much more to say about the story outside of what you see in the photo, but we are pleased to be seeing an even greater slice of the world. The feeling is similar to this past episode, when we had a chance to witness some of the jazz party.

More news -2. Edith – Is Laura Carmichael’s character distraught? It sure looks that way, and that’s not particularly good news considering how overjoyed that she has been almost this entire year so far. Really, almost everything had been working out as of late for Edith and her new man Michael Gregson, as they were embracing their love and the prospect of running away together. Unfortunately for them, they just have to remember that nothing on “Downton Abbey” is ever that easy, so of course this is going to be a complicated process for them.

All we are hoping for at this point is that this process has a different, much-happier ending than the last romance that Edith had with Sir Anthony. On any other show, that would probably be in the top 3 saddest moments almost without a doubt. Clearly, this is proof that “Downton Abbey” is not an average show in the slightest and will take big risks. While we know that no one is going to die this year per reports, there are still a number of other things that could go wrong as we’ve seen already with Anna.

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Photo: ITV

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