‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6, episode 7 preview: Charlie Hunnam, ‘Sweet and Vaded,’ and a table

The latest -Every show has their trademark symbols, and “Sons of Anarchy” is lucky enough to have three: The bikes, the logo, and the table. All are of course linked in some way to the MC, but they all represent something separate at the same time. To us, the bike is the power of freedom, the logo is the symbol of unity, and the table is the venue. Without any one of them, the show would be less exciting.

So with that, isn’t it nice to know that the table does still exist? With this, there is more hope for epic meetings and speeches from Charlie Hunnam’s Jax. Also, there is now a much higher possibility for unity and strength in the club. Bobby (Mark Boone Junior) has found his way back to SAMCRO thanks to patching things up with Jax, and the two are on the same page now when it comes to the gun trade: It needs to stop.

The photo above is from Tuesday night’s “Sweet and Vaded,” and perhaps this is a meeting before the meeting featuring these two characters. That is at least one theory. The truth here is that even though the two may be on better terms right now, there is still about a million assorted things that still need to be discussed. There’s the issue of the Irish breathing down their necks, and also what is going on over at the District Attorney’s office. While SAMCRO may have made a move to focus on a very different and potentially less-different sort of trade, the truth of the matter is that this world is not so forgiving of your past. You may turn over a new leaf, but still find ghosts and gunfire on the other side.

So long as Hunnam gets the opportunity to give some more epic speeches like he did in “Salvage,” we’re going to be in good shape during “Sweet and Vaded.” With every episode now, we are another step closer to the endgame, and you can’t imagine that the rest of the season (described the most violent ever) will go by without another body or two falling.

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Photo: FX

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