‘Once Upon a Time’ season 3 spoilers: Finally, the ‘Save Henry’ hype validated

Henry -If you are following “Once Upon a Time” co-creator Adam Horowitz (and you really should be, since he is one of the most active tweeters out there when it comes to his fan base), you will have probably noticed by now that he has a certain affection for tweeting #SaveHenry on a number of posts throughout the season so far.

So what is the reasoning behind that? The superficial answer here is that he is merely talking about a popular story thread, since this entire season so far has been about the journey to rescue Jared Gilmore’s character from the likes of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. But now, the mystery has taken another step courtesy of the title for the ninth episode of the season. That’s right: This is an episode entitled “Save Henry,” and it will be enormous when it comes to figuring out the direction of the rest of the season.

With the show being split this year into two 11-episode arcs rather than just something that airs from September to May with little breaks in between, we almost anticipate seeing a filming pattern take place here that is almost reminiscent of another drama in “Game of Thrones,” where the biggest events happen an episode or two before the finale. Therefore, don’t be surprised if episodes 9-10 are the major stories all about what happens in Neverland to bring Henry back, and episode 11 works to set the stage for the second half of the season like a “Game of Thrones” finale is useful for extending the story into the next year.

While we are getting enormously far ahead of ourselves here, there are three very easy questions to ask right now when it comes to “Once Upon a Time” and its future:

1. Is Henry really going to be saved?

2. If he is found, will Peter Pan have made it that Henry does not actually want to be saved?

3. Since we assume that this show will not be in Neverland forever, will the residents of Storybrooke return there, or head to a different world? If there is a pattern here that is followed from last season, then the second half of the season will be centered all around the town, while the fall is when some of the big trips occur.

Are you mostly surprised that this episode title was not revealed for something earlier this season? Be sure to share below, and click here if you are curious to see what long-awaited hookup on the show is now getting close to actually happening.

Photo: ABC

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