‘Girls’ season 3 spoilers: Lena Dunham, Allison Williams talk new season, changes (video)

The latest -Now that we know that the “Girls” season 3 premiere is going to air on Sunday, January 12, it’s on now to the next question: What is going to happen? To date, the cast and crew have been mostly under wraps when it comes to the story of this season, but that is going to change now courtesy of the latest quotes from series star / executive producer Lena Dunham.

In the video below, Dunham first of all notes the evolution for all of the individual stars of the show since the very beginning. Years have passed, and while some of them are now much bigger stars (to the point where Allison Williams has received a number of movie offers), they still do have that sort of family atmosphere. The only real exception to the rule there seemingly is Christopher Abbott (Charlie), who is no longer on the show.

As for how Marnie is recovering from losing her boyfriend for a second time, it apparently involves her sinking down to what is a pretty desperate level: Working at Ray’s coffee shop. This is where Hannah spent a good chunk of last season, and also a set-up to one of our favorite episodes ever, as she ended up meeting Patrick Wilson’s character for their bizarre tryst that almost felt like a poignant short story from another world.

This time around, Lena Dunham says that her character is actually in one of the best places that she has ever been in her life. She and Adam are on the same page romantically for one, which has to be a nice little change from their state of near-constant fighting over every little thing. Not only that, but we are going to see her advance in her career to where she is in a better place, after she suffered her meltdown while trying to finish the e-book at the end of season 2.

“Girls” has become in many ways a cultural phenomenon, which is particularly noteworthy when you consider that the ratings for the show are not entirely stellar. Dunham specifically cited below how much she enjoys getting to read some of the tweets and comments that come in for her every week, which to us means that she’s at least looking at them.

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Photo: HBO

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