‘Doctor Who’ 50th anniversary special: See Matt Smith, John Hurt, David Tennant (photo)

The latest -What do you get when you combine a new Doctor, an old Doctor, and a Doctor who is not really a Doctor at all? You get the upcoming “Doctor Who” 50th anniversary special. This is the most-anticipated episode of the series in some time, and we imagine that there will be all sorts of mass celebrations of happiness when November 23 rolls around, and this special arrives simultaneously around the world for all to see.

What we have for you now is a first look via a pair of photos, though neither one of them really tells you too much at all about the story, save of course for the fact that it will be insane levels of awesome. You have Matt Smith, David Tennant, and John Hurt all in the same room, with them each bringing their own air to the classic character. For many out there, we know that seeing Tennant is the biggest delight. For many, especially those in America, he is the first Doctor that they watched on TV, and he helped to really cause the show to blow up stateside. Since that time, Smith has helped to continue that tradition along.

The latest -While there is nothing too particularly symbolic about this next photo, we simply feel like it is both amazing visually and worth sharing. The Tardis and the police box have become international symbols in their own right since the debut of the show, and seeing that little sprinkling of magic passed down from one generation to the next is simply beyond delightful from our vantage point. We couldn’t be more thrilled.

This special is one of two “Doctor Who” related TV events to take place this year. The series will also have its annual Christmas special on the holiday, and that marks the ending for Matt Smith’s reign as the Doctor, and the beginning for Peter Capaldi to make his mark. The director for his first two installments as the character (which will air in the late summer of next year) has already been announced, and we know that Capaldi is already out trying to put his own unique stamp on the character.

Photo: BBC One

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