‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6: ‘Huang Wu,’ and more Charlie Hunnam – ’50 Shades of Grey’ hoopla

Jax -We like to think of this “Sons of Anarchy” piece as the best of two different worlds. You get a little bit of an update on the show, and then an investigation into something that we’re mostly posting here for the madness of it all.

But let’s start with this little slice of news: The 10th episode of season 6 is entitled “Huang Wu.” Typically when it comes to this show, we like to do our part in trying to decipher the meaning of the title, and what it means when it comes to some of the characters, however this one is a little too obscure. The likely reason for that is that it is a reference to something still to come on the show, and not something that we can really sit here and decipher in terms of a translation. (You can, however, click here to see our read on the episode titles “Las Fantasmas” and “John 3:82,” with the latter one being particularly interesting.)

Now, we turn to the latest ridiculousness surrounding Charlie Hunnam, who is still dealing with hoopla surrounding his decision to leave “50 Shades of Grey.” Basically, we wanted to post the video below as an obvious answer to the following: What happens when you run out of stories to tell about one person? You start spreading rumors! The claim in this clip from VH1 is that Dakota Johnson only wanted to do the project because Hunnam was cast in the lead, and now that he has quit, she is starting to have her own doubts about whether or not it is right for her to go through with it. (There’s also a line in here about how Britney Spears wants James Franco in the role.)

While we realize that we are only perpetuating the coverage in sharing this video, it’s worth too much of an ironic laugh to not share. The truth of the matter is that Hunnam will be filming next season of this show, and all some people will still talk about is him not doing this movie. If the guy wants privacy, he is clearly making the right move, but he still has a road ahead for him to get it.

As for a different sort of “Sons of Anarchy” video, click here to watch a preview for Tuesday night’s “Sweet and Vaded.”

Photo: FX

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