‘The Amazing Race 24’ spoilers: Who is reportedly cast on next all-star season?

The Amazing Race NewsThe Amazing Race” is not a show that frequently decides to go with all-star casts; as a matter of fact, there have only been two seasons in the past 23 to feature a group of racers that we’ve seen before. This is good news, as is the fact that the show has not chosen to go down the road of having a Fans vs. Favorites format in any shape or form.

Before we share what is rumored to be the cast for the new season (posted by who we consider to be a reliable source in Miss Cleo and also picked up by the extremely-reliable Andy Denhart of Reality Blurred), we’ll start by saying this: We won’t be spoiling anything beyond this. Ruining outcomes takes the fun out of everything, but as for casting, we personally believe that it helps to create some early excitement for a season, since anyone who wants to remain unspoiled is not going to go and actively try to follow people around the world just because they know who is racing. The same people who do that sort of thing are going to regardless.

Anyway, the following are the reported cast members, and we’ve got a little bit of perspective to go along with all of them. As Denhart notes, the production has not even started yet, and this list could change dramatically thanks to that. Also, there are not even enough teams yet for a full season listed, since most contain either 11 or 12. (We’d be happy to see grandparents Bill & Cathi or Chester & Ephraim, who were screwed by airplanes this season, on board.)

1. Andy & Tommy, the snowboarder pals from season 19. They really should have won their season, since they won the vast majority of the legs. They just stumbled right before the end.

2. Brendon & Rachel, the “Big Brother” team from season 20. Brenchel! Not everyone may love them, but we do. Instant entertainment, and also instant drama.

3. Caroline & Jennifer, the country singers from season 22. Biggest blunder on this cast. They were mostly carried through their season thanks to Bates & Anthony and cried for much of the time.

4. David & Connor, the father-son team who had to withdraw due to injury from season 22. Perfect cast. They were inspiring, likable, and probably could have won.

5. Jet & Cord, the rodeo cowboys from season 16 and 18. We love them, but it seems almost unfair to include them since they’ve done this twice. Personally, it feels like CBS is trying to give these guys a win.

6. Joey & Meghan, YouTubers from season 22. Another baffling choice. Team YouTube were big characters, but were they actually that good of a team? Don’t think so.

7. Mark & Bopper, the fan favorite team from season 20. This is probably one of our favorite teams ever, but the shameful part of this is that they probably have about a 2% chance of succeeding with this cast.

8. Natalie & Nadiya, the “TWINNIES!” from season 21. Entertainment gold the first time in addition to being great racers. The same could happen again.

9. Pam & Winnie, the friends from season 22. A great all-female team sent home a little early. But do we really need so many people from one season?

10. Tim & Marie, the exes on this current season. Don’t take this as evidence at all of how they are going to perform. Marie is such a villain that they had to be brought back. It’s as simple as that.

Cleo said that Trey & Lexi, the Chippendales, and Art & JJ were all considered for this season.

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Photo: CBS

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