‘Supernatural’ season 9 spoilers: Jared Padalecki’s epic midseason finale tease

Sam -While “Supernatural” may have only aired two episodes throughout season 9, is it really too early for us to start teasing the midseason finale? We don’t think so. The story has already gotten off to a pretty strong start in between what is going on with Ezekiel and Castiel’s struggle to find his humanity; but, it’s only going to get even crazier from here on out as we start to find out some more news on the Men of Letters, and see the return of some other interesting characters.

Unfortunately series star Jared Padalecki wasn’t going to spill details about what was coming on the episode later this fall via his Twitter account. However, it does sound like it is going to have fans screaming at their television sets:

“We’re filming our mid-season cliffhanger episode right now. And, I gotta admit, it’s AWESOME!!”

The biggest thing that we can confirm here is that there is going to be a cliffhanger, and for Jared to be getting you excited about it has to be a good thing for fans. This has to be a great season for Jared to film now that the show is actually airing at a great timeslot after being previously exiling to Fridays and surviving it. Not only that, but it is off to one of its best starts in the past four years. Add to it Abaddon, Crowley, Kevin, and some new faces like Ezekiel, we have a pretty fantastic crew as a whole.

Let’s just hope that there is something else coming that is equally shocking as Ezekiel taking Sam’s body; for now, that takes the cake as not just the biggest twist of the season, but one of the craziest things that we have seen in almost any premiere for the show.

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Photo: The CW

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