‘The X Factor’ UK week 2 rankings: Rough Copy, Tamera Foster battle Nicholas McDonald

Nicholas -Another week on “The X Factor” UK has come and gone, and we’re looking now at what has to be a pretty predictable weekend of shows coming up. While we desperately want to see some drama, there seems to be one contestant almost surely going home pending some sort of big surprise, and then a couple of others fighting to stay out of the bottom 2. Things are a bit more interesting at the top thanks to some big performances this past week, but given that there is still so much time left before the final rounds, anything can happen and contestants can choke.

If you want to preview what each one of the singers is going to be performing tomorrow, take a look at the link here. If you’re new to our rankings, know that they are based on a number of factors, including overall performance quality, personality, and also the perceived fan following that is out there for them. Have a favorite? Then share in the poll at the bottom of the article.

11. Shelley Smith (last week: 9) – She lost out in the flash vote last week, and there’s no Lorna Simpson this time. Her only hope at this point is to embrace the cheese and the cabaret, and hope that some of the Rylan Clark – Johnny Robinson crowd keeps her around. She’s at least a better singer than either of them ever was.

10. Miss Dynamix (10) – Not terrible singers, but not particularly good, either. We just don’t see anything about this group that is really allowing them to mesh and come together in a way that is going to be particularly appealing to folks. If they’re not gone this week, they at most have maybe two or three more weeks left in the competition.

9. Sam Callahan (11) – Sam got off to a good start with a performance that was full of energy, but it wasn’t that good. There are going to be young women voting for him, but when the dust settles, he’s a guy who is really not ready to be a star yet. Maybe with two more years’ worth of vocal lessons, he’ll get there. It almost feels like he’d be better off in a band right now at this stage.

Luke Friend -8. Luke Friend (6) – While we don’t think that Luke should be in a band, we almost feel the same way about him maybe being in the competition a year or two too early. He is at least onto something when it comes to his image and his song choice, but do you really see Luke dominating the music charts once this is over?

7. Kingsland Road (5) – They are one of the more commercial bands out there, but we wonder if they are hurt by some of James Arthur’s comments, and the pressure that comes with being on the show after both One Direction and Union J. Is there really a place for them in the market, given that they are older than either of those other bands were when they were performing?

6. Abi Alton (4) – Abi’s problem is going to be the fact that she has a very distinctive style, and then applies it to all of her songs. If you love what she does, then you probably don’t mind. The issue for her will come in around three weeks from now, when she feels the pressure to “mix it up.” She’s better to just staying in her style and appealing to the fans that she has. They will be the ones buying her album at the end of the day.

5. Tamera Foster (8) – We still don’t find ourselves particularly enthused by her personality, but bookies have Tamera listed as a favorite. We think that’s a stretch, but there’s little question that she has more pop star potential than almost anyone else on this season. She could, in the right environment, be a younger version of Rihanna.

Hannah Barrett -4. Hannah Barrett (2) – Even with all of her tears, we still think that Hannah is the better overall performer than Tamera, and will appeal to older viewers. The primary problem that she runs into is that musically, she is more like someone in the Overs category than anyone in the girls. Who will her performances really appeal to at the end of the day?

3. Sam Bailey (3) – Sam will clean up in the voting like Christopher Maloney did for much of the season last year. We know that there’s the whole “where is the market?” issue for her, but if Susan Boyle can sell millions of albums, we don’t see why Sam couldn’t do that as well. She has a beautiful voice, and her sound appeals to fans of pure talent probably more than anyone else.

2. Rough Copy (7) – Along with Tamera, these guys win the award for being commercial. They also happen to be better performers and are more likable in a “against all odds” sort of way (and not the Phil Collins song). While it’s always hard to label a group a possible favorite, there is little reason to believe that this trio will be going home soon.

1. Nicholas McDonald (1) – Still, we’re going with the safe choice at #1 given that Nicholas could sing the phone book and still be amazing, almost like Jahmene Douglas last year. He also has a chance of being slightly more commercial, and has a more outgoing personality. Louis Walsh hasn’t won this competition in forever, but this could be his biggest shot.

Who do you think is going to win “The X Factor UK”? Leave us a comment and tell us who your favorite is below.

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