‘Homeland’ season 3, episode 4 preview: Could Carrie turn on the CIA?

See Carrie -In the midst of all of the other issues currently going on when it comes to “Homeland” season 3, the life and times of Carrie Mathison and a law firm do not necessarily feel like they are at the top of the list. Why should she care or pay much attention to what an organization shrouded in mystery has to say? The first thing that you should remember here is that Claire Danes’ character does not feel like she can trust anyone, especially some sort of law firm that does not make all of their intentions altogether clear to her.

But, one of the men behind this proposal in the video below does at least try to do everything in his power to make his proposal interesting to Carrie. After all, she would in theory have the motivation. Who would want to stand up for the same organization that sold her out? The answer to that is Carrie. For whatever reason, she is insisting on trying to stay loyal to these people despite everything that they have done to her.

But, we are learning that these people are definitely relentless in her pursuit. In this sneak peek they have taken her to what seems to be a safehouse stuffed with sushi and other goodies, and they are giving her some new options to work with her. We just hope that there are some answers coming soon, since for right now this season is currently in a little bit of a quagmire. They have taken too long with the Carrie story so far, and it really has not gone anywhere since it began. (Also, isn’t this more or less the same story with her psychosis that we have seen already?)

Let’s also hope that there is something still substantial coming up on the show when it comes to Brody. After what we saw this past week, do we really want to see him just disappear again?

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Photo: Showtime

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