‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6: Kim Coates on the future of Tig

The road ahead -Is Tig going to die on “Sons of Anarchy” season 6? The episode “Wolfsangel” ended up being one that featured a high body count of people other than him. We saw the loss of such important people as Otto, Lee Toric, and Filthy Phil, and yet Tig somehow continues to see the light of day.

But remember: “Hamlet” is the basis on which the show was created, and given the way in which this play ends, you are not really going that far out of the realm of possibility here to suggest that something bad could end up happening to Tig in the end. For now, he lives, but Kim Coates is already looking forward to the day when he can take a step back and start to go about the rest of his acting career in other roles. Speaking to Zap2It, he makes it clear that he is is not saying this out of frustration with the character, but more as an artist just looking for another itch to scratch:

“Honestly, I love playing the guy. I really do and I love my cast mates and I love what [Kurt] Sutter does, but I’m really looking forward to moving on. I really am. I love this show and and I love playing this guy, but seven seasons man, that’s a long time.

“I’m ready to move on, I’m ready to stay, whatever happens to me, I’m going to be super happy from the bottom of my heart.” 

At the moment, the sense of immediate danger for Tig is not completely there anymore for a number of reasons. For one, it is Jax that most people are coming after, and Tig is smart enough to know not to get himself in a difficult situation. While his own secrets and past with August could cause him more trouble, the biggest thing that the character probably has to worry about being at this point in a season is becoming a sacrificial lamb. If someone cannot take down the head of the now-destroyed SAMCRO table, getting rid of a guy like Tig could still be considered a move in this direction.

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Photo: FX

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