ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 3, episode 4 video: Emily Thorne, Daniel Grayson get heated; why?

Take a look -Is the engagement over for Emily and Daniel on “Revenge”? The answer to that probably depends on just how seriously you take some of the man’s threats. In the sneak peek video below from Sunday’s episode, he warns Emily that if she “walks out that door” following a heated argument, he is not going to be there for her when she comes back. Somehow, we have a hard time believing him, and it may be because the entire source of the argument is about a lie he may have just told.

Based on the tone of this conversation, it is fairly easy to discern that Conrad Grayson did not exactly end up being as forthcoming as Emily may have hoped when he and Pastor Paul were going to take off in order to help him make his grand confession and heal his soul. While the details surrounding the car accident are still unclear, what we know for now is that there was one, and that it led to Paul’s death.

Also, Daniel seems to have helped him cover something up, which is why Emily in turn seemingly retaliated by leaking the news of his DUI, which is something that she “claims” will help to give him a greater sense of humanity to the masses. Fat chance on that. Really, all it does is up the ante for some more potential embarrassment.

The main reason to still have confidence in this engagement is simply because of the news that is already out there about Emily tying the knot this season. The first teasers for the season promised it, but it is possible in theory that maybe things get so crazy between these two that they split, and Emily still finds a way to marry someone else (Aiden?) at the end of the summer. This would not, after all, be the strangest thing that has ever happened on this show.

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Photo: ABC

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