‘Downton Abbey’ season 4, episode 5 preview: Joanne Froggatt and latest Anna – Bates issue

The latest -Is a breakup on the horizon for Anna and Bates on “Downton Abbey” season 4? In a way, the midway point of this season reminds us quite a bit of the midway point of season 3, where it genuinely felt like there was not much hope that these two characters were going to get together. Bates had no idea that Anna still cared while locked away in prison, but that was before uncovering that his letters were being hidden. (Warning: Spoilers ahead for American readers!)

Now, the issue is similar in that Bates is being kept in the dark … but by Anna this time. This attached photo from Sunday night’s episode does not look particularly promising, either. For one, she’s not even making eye contact with him. Her attention is elsewhere, possibly to her duties and where she is now living at the residence. This is a particularly tragic situation for Bates, who has went through the wringer already to be with this woman: How do you love someone who is not acting like she loves you back? She’s falling on her own sword, but he does not want her to do that.

Clearly, her biggest fear is that sooner or later, Bates will find out and then go and kill Mr. Green. She’s not out so much to protect the man who raped her; the issue for her instead is that she does not want to be in a situation where Bates goes to jail and she ends up being alone yet again. We’re going to still argue that if she is worried about this, the best course at this point is to have him arrested, and then make sure that Bates cannot get to him to do anything. But, the problem may be that it is now going to be pretty hard to prove anything since most of the initial evidence of the incident is long gone.

There are still four episodes left for this season plus the Christmas special, so we’re not giving up on this couple just yet, even if things right now do not appear to be moving in the right direction.

If you do want to read some more news from Sunday’s episode, just be sure to click here. That is where you can find a sneak peek video that is all about Michelle Dockery and Allen Leech’s characters having a pretty in-depth conversation on the subject of parenting.

Photo: ITV

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