‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 10, episode 5 review: ‘Dexter’s’ James Remar shines as Alex’s dad

More news -While there are times when it comes to “Grey’s Anatomy” where the amount of tragedy can be frustrating and annoying, there are also times when it can be completely refreshing to the traditional TV mold. Seeing what happened for most of this episode when it came to Alex and his dad definitely fit the bill as refreshing. Did it also make you very sad? Probably.

Basically, what we had here was a situation where there wasn’t a happy ending at all when it came to Dr. Alex Karev and his dad, a junkie musician who came into the hospital thanks to all sorts of drug-related problems. Alex refused to talk to him or admit who he was, even when it was looking like he was about to get away… and he did. While it is possible that we are going to see the return of this character in the future, it didn’t happen tonight.

Hats off to James Remar for this performance. He’s been known mostly as Harry on “Dexter,” but he was hardly recognizable in this part. Not only that, but he was that perfect mix of sympathetic and infuriating. It was impossible, after all, to understand why a man who needed help so badly refused it.

There were some other events in this episode that brought at least a little bit of comedy, such as Stephanie having her first meeting with Jackson’s mother being one where she was caught taking her clothes off with Jackson. Not exactly what you want to see. Also, we had a guy who put a certain part of his anatomy in a hornet’s nest. We’d mock this plot relentlessly, but we are sure that this probably does happen at a hospital.

On a sadder note, Callie and Arizona still aren’t together. As a matter of fact, Callie booted her from her house and she came back in and did a little underwear dance. Also, Meredith is melting down about the balance between being a good mother and being a good doctor, and realizing that eventually something is going to have to give. Grade: B

What did you think about this “Grey’s Anatomy” episode, and was there any one moment in here that you were particularly surprised by? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below! Also, click here if you want to read some more “Grey’s Anatomy” scoop, including a preview for next week’s installment.

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