‘Once Upon a Time in Wonderland’ episode 2 review: Did Jafar find Cyrus’ bottle?

Jafar makes his move -The premiere of “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland” introduced us to a new and mature version of Alice who is on a quest to find out what happened to her true love, Cyrus the genie. After thinking that he was killed by the Red Queen she has come to learn that he may not be dead after all (in fact we know he’s being held captive by Jafar). So why is he being held captive? Because Alice is holding onto the three wishes that Jafar and the Red Queen need her to make, since Cyrus is not able to grant further wishes until she makes her wishes, so the lure her back to Wonderland. All caught up? Good. Time to see if Alice has made any progress in finding her true love.

Tonight we learn how Cyrus ended up in Wonderland. His previous owner before meeting Alice wished him away to a place that he could never be found so that Jafar could never find him and hence he and his bottle ends up in Wonderland.

Alice comes up with a plan to go and get the bottle, have the nave rub it so that Cyrus comes back. She tells the nave where it is buried and they head out to get it, unfortunately the white rabbit also hears and goes back to the Red Queen to tell her where the bottle is. The Red Queen uses her new found information to try and make sure that Jafar is going to keep his end of the bargain, but he is not playing games and scares her with magic to give up the location of the bottle.

After Jafar gets the location of the bottle he heads off to the tree to dig it up and he gets there before Alice and the knave. Unfortunately for Jafar, Alice is one step ahead of him (and everyone) and has been telling people the wrong location to see who she can trust. When she gets to the correct location though, she finds that the bottle is gone and she fears that Cyrus has moved on from her. When a paper bird flies into Alice’s hands with a beautiful love letter on the back asking her to leave Wonderland so that she can be safe she knows their love is real. As we all know head strung Alice, we know that there is no way she will leave him.

So who has the bottle? The Red Queen claims to have it, but we haven’t actually seen it… does she really have the bottle? As it turns out she does have it. The White Rabbit was there when Alice and Cyrus originally buried the bottle and he gave up the location to the Red Queen who finally has the upper hand on Jafar. He has the genie and she has the bottle. No good can come of this.

As much as we love watching the romance unfold between Alice and Cyrus what we really enjoyed about this episode was seeing the game being played between Jafar and the Red Queen. When we first saw the premiere we weren’t sold on the Red Queen and to be honest we still aren’t since it looks like she’s perpetually on the verge of tears all the time, but the scenes with Jafar have helped us believe in her a little more. We are looking forward to seeing the relationship between these two continue to grow. Grade: B+

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Photo: ABC

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