‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 5, episode 3 video: See Paul Wesley, Janina Gavankar meet up

The latest -Are Stefan and Tessa going to hook up on “The Vampire Diaries” Thursday night? That’s still a good question, and the video sneak peek below at least makes it very clear that these are two characters who definitely have some sort of chemistry together.

Tessa, in case you are unfamiliar with her, is played by Janina Gavankar. At this point, she has to be considered an expert in vampires given that she was surrounded by them on “True Blood,” which makes her the second actor in two seasons to come over here from another vampire-related franchise. (Earlier this year, we saw “Twilight” alum Charlie Bewley guest star in some scenes at that super-creepy island.) Tessa seems interested in trying to help Stefan out in just about any way that she possibly can, which is not going to be easy to do for one simple reason: He already looks like he is a card-carrying member of the Ripper Club again. Before he came to and realized where he was, he apparently went on a little bit of a psychotic break and ripped off the head of a cabin owner. Yes, we’re sure that some of you are bummed that is not included here.

The relationship between Stefan and Elena still is, at the end of the day, what constitutes the core of the show. They have this sort of undeniable connection that is going to continue to drive Damon nuts, and we’ve seen them go as far as to speak to one another in their dreams. Is Tessa going to change that? We doubt it; she is going to just be there in a way to show off that there is much more to Stefan than what we have been able to come to know over the course of the season so far.

Does this make you more excited for tonight’s “Vampire Diaries” episode? We want to hear all of your thoughts about the Tessa character below! Meanwhile, click here if you want to check out some scoop on someone else in Bonnie, who is putting Jeremy in a compromising position these days when it comes to keeping her secret.

Photo: The CW

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