‘Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen’: When will the first episode come online?

Take a look -Throughout the past couple of weeks watching “Top Chef,” this is a question that we have seen surface time and time again on social media: When is the “Last Chance Kitchen” web series going to be back? In past seasons of the show, the Redemption Island of “Top Chef” has started much closer to the season premiere, but for whatever reason, the decision was made this year to change things up a little bit.

Therefore, the web series is not returning until immediately following next week’s episode. Tom Colicchio is going to be back yet again to host the proceedings, as we watch all of the chefs who competed this year try to battle it out in a competition to prove who is really worthy of coming back. It’s not entirely clear which previously-eliminated chefs now are going to have a chance to re-enter the competition, but this move may just be the show’s way of saying that some of the people who are knocked out early probably are not getting back into the contest, anyway. While CJ is one of the few exceptions to this rule, he still eventually lost out to Kristen Kish, who went on to win that whole season.

Right now, “Last Chance Kitchen” is feeling somewhat like a girls’ club, mostly because the men this season for whatever reason are struggling to really deliver it. Many of them are just making rookie mistakes like underseasoning, and others seem to just have their priorities in the wrong places. As we said in the review for last night’s episode, if they keep this up, there’s not going to be much in the way of men near the end of this New Orleans-set season.

Of course, we’re going to once again be your source for all things “Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen” after the episodes air, including some reviews, analysis, and also some praise for the people that we wish we could steal the food from through our computer screen and then promptly eat while making various yummy sounds.

Before you do anything else, you can watch the preview video below to show you just how valuable this twist was to the last season of the show.

Photo: Bravo

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