‘American Horror Story: Coven’ episode 2 review: Who’s back from the dead?

Lily Rabe is back -The premiere of “American Horror Story: Coven” bought us an incredible amount of death and even those of some major players that have been part of every season of the series, but are these people gone for good or will we see them again? This season is about witches, so anything is possible, even bringing people back from the dead.

This week’s episode begins with the cops coming to the school and asking questions about the bus crash. After very little questioning Zoe freaks out and spills her guts about them all being witches, the rape, everything that’s been bottled up. Luckily, Fiona fixes the situation, makes them forget that they are investigating the girls and turns over all information about them. Another bullet dodged.

Madison wants to repay Zoe for helping her and takes her on a trip to the morgue that is holding Kyle (and the other bus crash victims). She wants to use a resurrection spell to bring Kyle back to life, but the problem is that everyone’s in pieces when they get to the morgue. They decide to take the best parts of the boys and put them with Kyle’s head to make the perfect boyfriend. There was one moment that was really weird when Madison started commenting about one of the boy’s private parts wonder about how big they get in a sexual way… very strange to talk about a rapist this way and we wonder if Ryan Murphy really has a game plan with that incident.

When the spell doesn’t seem to work Zoe kisses him and he comes back to life (unbeknownst to her with the help of Misty Day who is not dead after all thanks to her witch power of resurgence.) Unfortunately he’s like a big dumb scared puppy that’s much like Frankenstein’s monster. Luckily Misty Day shows up to fix the situation and she agrees to keep Kyle at her cabin and heal him, but wants Zoe to come back. Oh and she’s a hippie witch that thinks that Stevie nicks is also witch. (there have long been rumors surrounding Stevie Nicks and witchcraft…. something she denies.)

Cordelia and her husband are having trouble getting pregnant and after a year he asks her to use magic to help them, she doesn’t want to, but ends up giving in to her husbands wishes.

Besides Kyle and Misty Day still being alive we also have LaLaurie being held captive by Fiona at the school. She learns that LaLaurie wasn’t poisoned by Marie all those years ago, but was given a potion for life ever lasting and was buried in an unmarked grave. Fiona goes on a search for Marie and while she is gone Nan get irritated by the noise LaLaurie is making in her head and sets her free. After finding Marie, Fiona tries to get the potion for eternal youth from her and offers a trade, but Marie isn’t having it. We also learn that Marie’s man is still alive and is still wearing the bulls head on his body. Fiona finds LaLaurie and brings her back to the school in hopes to trade her to Marie for life everlasting.

We found this episode to be a bit better then the premiere, mostly because there was more Jamie Brewer, Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates, but this story with Madison is already driving us a little crazy. We get that she’s a recovering addict, movie star with some serious bad girl tendencies, but we are having a difficult time buying into her being raped by 7 boys and then there being no real emotional repercussions. We saw her last week crying in the shower over the incident so we know that it affected her in a deep way, so where was that struggle this week? Grade: C

What did you think of this week’s episode of “American Horror Story: Coven”, is it living up to your expectations? If you want to see a preview for next week’s episode, just click here.

Photo: FX

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