‘Hart of Dixie’ season 3: See Rachel Bilson, Wilson Bethel, and more in official photos

Zoe -Hart of Dixie” has made some big moves and taken risks on the show, but their marketing team has clearly made one of their stranger moves of all today, as there are some brand-new promotional photos for the season … albeit a couple of weeks after it premiered.

For whatever reason these photos were taken as if the characters were all in some sort of safe house a la Huell from “Breaking Bad,” and were warned that being out around the sun is a bad thing. You have Rachel Bilson showing off some leg, Wilson Bethel wearing two shirts rather than just one (or none), and Kaitlyn Black enjoying her newly-minted series regular status One person that was omitted from the photos was Jaime King (Lemon Breeland) and considering how important her character is to the show we are kind of surprised. We understand that she won’t be around this season in a significant way because she will be enjoying being a mom, but her not being part of these photos is a little disheartening.

As with most other promotional photos, there is really not too much here to gander at or speculate on story-wise; they are just important if you happen to enjoy looking at high-quality pictures that sites like us use to promote the show better. It’s better than just having the same photos year after year, which doesn’t work out well when cast members leave and go on to do other things.

Annabeth -Our favorite image of the gang actually is Black’s, mostly because she is ironically wearing white. This image feels a little less dark than the others, and therefore matches the cheery tone of the show a little bit more. While this is not technically a comedy and runs an hour, we’d also be hard-pressed to call it a drama. “Dramedy” is an annoying term, but it’s either that or “romantic comedy” that we would use to describe what we see in this tiny Alabama town. While it may not get great ratings, it’s a fun little show that brings a ton to the table. Plus, there is all sorts of good stuff coming up, from musical performances (The Hand and the Heart, Danielle Bradbery actually singing a song called “The Heart of Dixie”) to even some more romance-related plot points.

Whose photo below is your favorite? Be sure to share some of your thoughts with a comment! Take a look here if you want to catch a glimpse at next week’s episode, which features Jaime King’s Lemon in a rather compromising position.

Photo: The CW

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