‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6 spoilers: Theo Rossi on Juice’s future, more violence ahead

The latest -If you have followed “Sons of Anarchy” for a particularly long time, then we imagine that you have an idea that when things have a happy ending, it’s not going to stay particularly happy for long. Did you really think that everything for SAMCRO was going to come up roses after deciding to get out of the gun trade? While this may be a step in the right direction, you have to remember something here: These people have been in this business of doing very bad things for a very long time. Nobody is going to suddenly leave them alone.

These comments are echoed by a man who started to show off an edgier side in Theo Rossi on last night’s episode “Salvage.” Remember the softer side of Juice? That man is gone, and while he may still have the occasionally fun moment, he like every other character on the show has been hardened. Rossi told TVLine that really, the fact that “Salvage” ended with a less-than-horrifying ending is a sign that something even more terrible could be just around the corner:

“Well, that’s always the most dangerous thing on our show, right? [Laughs] When things end on a lighter note? Kurt has said this is the most violent season, and it is. I’m not saying that in a way of, ‘Ooh, it’s so violent! Watch what happens!’ It’s just a violent season because this world has been set up for five seasons now. We don’t have a lot of time left in the show. A lot of things need to be answered. So, when things end on a lighter note, I mean, we both know that’s not a good sign.”

One thing to really remember here is that we have not even made it to the formal halfway point of the season yet, and thanks to that, you know that the dangerous stuff is still yet to come. With there only being 20 episodes left unless something crazy happens, this is going to be the time where creator Kurt Sutter and the writers go over the top to ensure that every little thing gets resolved, and every character (Juice included) pays for some of what they have done so far.

Remember, this is based on Shakespearean tragedy. The operating term should give you an idea about how this is going to come to a close in the end.

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Photo: FX

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