‘Duck Dynasty’ season 4, episode 9 review: Si Robertson and the joys of YouTube

Check it out -Duck Dynasty” has become such a massive hit, it is almost so easy to not even try to dissect what makes the show so popular. It’s a formulaic sitcom disguised as a reality TV show, and it even uses the all-familiar device of having an A story and a B story that go back and forth over the course of the half-hour. It therefore keeps you constantly engaged, and if you don’t like what is happening with one character, the joy here is that you can always switch over and follow the other one instead.

Sometimes, the show does not even try to pretend like it’s treading new ground. How many times have we seen a story with Willie Robertson that is all about driving and his kids? The answer is around a billion. It’s no longer interesting, but we also traditionally find most of the stories about Willie to be the weakest. It’s mostly just him complaining about things in a way that is somewhat funny … or at least funny enough to catch a little bit of attention. This time it was complaining about kids getting pawned off on him.

The B-story was once again what rose to the occasion, mostly because it involved Si learning the powers of the internet (in particular YouTube), and then going crazy with them. He wanted to be a video star in almost any way that he could, including by making “instructional” videos to things that he is actually not that particularly good at like playing golf. As a matter of fact, he’s instead rather terrible. We really just want to see this full video play out in some shape or form, mostly because it could be the sort of thing that pro golfers could send to one another if they want to try to ruin the golf games of other people.

Next week marks the season finale, and that is what we are really excited to see when it comes to the Robertsons celebrating Halloween. We just want to see if Si can come up with a costume that is even more ridiculous than the outfit that he wore tonight for hitting the links. Grade: B-

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Photo: A&E

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