‘Survivor: Blood vs. Water’ episode 5 review: Laura Boneham makes her move

Meet Laura -On the last episode of “Survivor: Blood vs. Water” we watched as Caleb turned into a total badass and kick Brad Culpepper out at tribal council when he found out that Brad had been playing both sides, but will this move put a giant target on Caleb’s back as someone who can’t be trusted to stick with his alliance or will it turn into someone that should be feared and respected? Let’s see what happened this week.

Redemption Island: Candice, John and Brad are competing for a shot to get back in the game. As soon as Monica sees Brad at Redemption Island she immediately offers to take his place and he says no. As far as the challenge, it’s another puzzle task and John quickly flies through this winning the challenge and gives the clue to the immunity idol to Monica again, which she throws in the fire again. As much as we wanted to see Brad go home tonight, it was Candice who went home tonight.

Galang tribe: Laura M. is flirting and massaging Aras, knowing that she is on the outs from the main alliance, but Aras is not falling for it. Laura B. is having a difficult time fitting in with the veterans even though everyone likes her pretty well and we fear that if they lose a challenge that she will be the first to go.

Tadhana tribe: They are literally falling apart, toenails are falling off, bug bites are getting infected and cuts and scrapes are puss filled. Outside of the injuries, Caleb is in a big position of power and is the swing vote if he’s not going home himself. He could side with the guys or with the girls and that makes him a target.

Immunity challenge (and the reward of food, wok, spices and steak): Tadhana still hasn’t won a challenge and we are starting to feel really sorry for them at this point as they still don’t even have fishing gear. Caleb was a total beast during this ring toss challenge and won 2 of the rounds. Hayden was the last person to toss a ring and won their first battle. So did they take the fishing gear or the steaks? We thought they were going to be all over the fishing gear but they went for the steaks.

Laura B. makes her move: With Galang going to tribal for the first time and Laura B. is trying her best to rock the boat by putting doubt in Kat’s head, but it’s not working. She’s the easiest target to send out and and no one on the tribe would really be that upset if she went, but at the same time they are thinking that sending Laura M. to Redemption Island to knock out Brad might be the best bet so that they can control Monica. So who went to Redemption Island this week? The group decided to send out Laura M. in hopes that she will knock out Brad and she was not to happy to say the least.

Over all we were really excited about this episode and found ourselves cheering at our TV’s when Hayden threw the final ring and won the first challenge for Tadhana. Watching Galang win every single week has started to get a little boring, so it was nice to see the veterans get a little taste of what it’s like going to tribal council this season. Grade: B+

Were you happy to see Tadhana finally win a challenge? Were you surprised to see them choose the steaks over the fishing gear? Leave us a comment and tell us if you would’ve made the same decision if you were faced with the choice of steaks over fishing gear. If you are looking for more “Survivor: Blood vs. Water” news then just click here and we will hook you up.

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