‘Lost’s’ Damon Lindelof quits Twitter, all of social media weeps; our 3 favorite moments

Lost -Usually, a story about anyone quitting Twitter is unimportant, but Damon Lindelof is a man that relished at times in making the social-network site awesome. This was a guy who repeatedly came up with crazy and entertaining schemes, made enough nerdy puns for anyone to appreciate them, and also constantly delivered perfect recommendations as to what were the perfect things to watch.

Unfortunately, the reason for Lindelof to sign off of social media was something that many have seemed to face: The entire experiment becoming overwhelming for him in many ways. Back over the past several years, he has tried to find as much humor as he can on the site, using it often to make silly remarks about some of his shows or how nobody really liked the ending to “Lost” (though we personally loved it). The ordeal spiraled after the end of “Breaking Bad,” when he got thousands of messages about how this show managed to do something that he could not.

Is there something significant to be made for Damon’s exit when it comes to just how much of themselves showrunners give to their fans? Maybe, but it’s also wrong to read too much into what one person decides that they are going to do. Twitter does not seemingly help to get ratings, and it’s wrong to therefore think of it as something with a lasting impact on the success of your show. This is an isolated situation, brought on mostly be one man having to confront a series of internet trolls over something that happened years ago.

But, we do not want to make this article that sad, since Damon did present us with so many great memories over the years laughing hysterically at some of what he posted on there. With that in mind, we now present the top three greatest Damon Lindelof Twitter schemes

3. An epic and one-sided feud with cat food company Fancy Feast, where he would troll almost any ridiculous comment that they made on their social-networking page. This had no time limit to it, and he kept it going until only a few weeks ago.

2. His obsession with a yellow spiky hat worn by Justin Bieber, which he became so committed to as a comedy bit that he eventually started tweeting obsessively about. His profile picture was a hat Photoshopped onto his head, and “The Walking Dead’s” Robert Kirkman eventually found him a real one to wear.

1. The live-tweeting of “Sharknado,” which was brilliance on so many levels. First, he claimed he was live-tweeting the show without actually watching it. Then, he announced that he was writing the sequel and would finish before the original was over. And finally, he got an offer to write the sequel.

So farewell, Damon, and get to work on writing your new show “The Leftovers.” If it’s anywhere near close to the genius of “Lost,” we hope that the positive reviews will drown out some of the trolls that obviously started to make social media not worthwhile for you anymore.

Photo: ABC

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