‘Girls’ season 3: What’s the premiere date for Lena Dunham’s return?

The latest -Girls” fans, mark January 12 on your calendar. That is when you are going to see the official return of Lena Dunham and the rest of the cast to your TV screens (provided of course that you are a little bit richer than Hannah Horvath and can afford HBO).

The one major difference between this season and last season? This time around, the show will be getting a substantial lead-in courtesy of “True Detective,” the much-hyped limited series starring Matthew McConaughey that is potentially going to light the airwaves on fire this year. The ratings for “Girls” dropped during what was a polarizing season 2. Some were not fans of how the stories took more of an experimental route, and you went episodes without seeing all of the main characters. But above all else, it suffered last year in comparison to season 1 simply because it wasn’t airing after “Game of Thrones” anymore. We imagine that there is a pretty hefty amount of people who buy the network for three months, and then cancel it the rest of the year.

“Girls” will air two episodes during its season premiere, and the very next week on January 19, the network will premiere a new comedy series in “Looking” right afterward. We have to admit already that we’re nervous for any show to take on this timeslot, because if the brilliant / under-appreciated “Enlightened” cannot continue past two seasons, we don’t know how anything else is going to fare. It’s only hope is that it will draw a bunch of early attention like “Girls” did. It’s only then that we may see it having a tangible chance at succeeding.

Are you excited to see “Girls” back on the air, and are you looking forward in particular to see any one story play out? Be sure to share your thoughts below! Meanwhile, click here if you want to hear some more news via Zosia Mamet on a different side of Shoshanna that we’re going to see when “Girls” returns to the air. What we’ll tell you right now is that there will be some traveling, Marnie will be devastated after Charlie has left her, and that Adam is still going to be Adam … which is amazing, since we wouldn’t want him any other way.

Photo: HBO

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