‘American Horror Story: Coven’ episode 2 preview: Kathy Bates teases more dark times ahead

Bates -Just in case you did not feel already like “American Horror Story: Coven” had the creep / shock factor turned up, just wait until you see some of what is coming up for Kathy Bates on the show moving forward. Her role of Madame LaLaurie is going to not only surprise, but will find a way to blow some of her scenes already this season out of the water. You may see some of it tonight during the show’s second episode, but it will not be until a little later down the road when you see it all.

Speaking to TV Guide, the woman behind the role (who is already a lock probably for some sort of Emmy nomination) teased some of what you can expect to see from the character in the coming weeks as the layers start to slowly unravel:

“You learn a lot about her and some of the more dark aspects of her character and why she’s gotten her reputation.”

When it specifically comes to when you can expect to see something that will make your brain both scream with excitement and cry quite-possibly its own version of tears, that will be during episode 7. While details are scarce on it for now just know that it is something so bizarre / horrific that it will make the standard “American Horror Story” stunt seem almost normal.

Tonight’s episode has a pair of challenges ahead for it: Trying to keep the incredible ratings from the premiere (the highest yet for the series) going strong, and then also making sure that there is that right sort of balance between fear and entertainment. The rape scene was fairly horrific in the first episode as a little much for us, and while there were some great moments in it, there were also others than simply felt like they were added purely for shock value and not necessarily for story telling purposes. We’ll have our full review coming up later in the evening, so be sure to stay on the watch for that.

For now, what do you think about what Kathy is saying here, and are you excited to see what “American Horror Story: Coven” brings to the table tonight? Be sure to share your thoughts below! Meanwhile, be sure to also click here if you want to see a video preview of tonight’s episode along with the official synopsis.

Photo: FX

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