‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6, episode 7 preview: Charlie Hunnam, ‘Sweet and Vaded,’ and triggers

The latest -Did you really think that SAMCRO was really going to be able to come together in the long-term? While there were moments during tonight’s fantastic “Sons of Anarchy” episode “Salvage” that felt like just as we were starting to see Jax Teller and the rest of his MC start to come up for air, they are about to get pulled back down underwater. With every action comes consequences on this show, and you could not possibly think that Jax was going to be able to just move forward and not have to deal with the ramifications of everything that has been done so far. Getting out of the arms trade does not mean the end of your troubles.

Enter “Sweet and Vaded,” a complicated episode where things are not going to stay “sweet” for every long at all. Before we get to the promo for this episode (which you can see below), let’s start things off here with the official synopsis from FX:

“Triggers are pulled that strengthen the MC, but also threaten to destroy it.”

Yes, you surely know by now not to expect anything more than that when it comes to this show. it’s keeping secrets so tight that brought us the Walton Goggins surprise this week.

The promo also serves a great purpose of setting up some other key storylines. Nero is going to be given quite an offer for example: Help to turn over the MC to the authorities, and be sent away free. While he has been the good guy in a sense to Jax so far, is he really willing to risk the inside of a jail cell (for some bogus crimes, no less) in order to protect him and his crew? Also worth nothing here is that there is a Gemma vs. Tara fight, which is something that seems to happen pretty much every season at this point. Yet somehow, we continually find it to be both entertaining and justified when you consider all that is going on with them. If “Salvage” was the beginning of the road to the finale, this will be the hour where the motor really starts to hum.

Share some of your thoughts and predictions for next week’s “Sons of Anarchy” season 6 episode in the comment box below; meanwhile, click here if you want to see our full review of tonight’s episode.

Photo: FX

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