‘Glee’ season 5: Adam Lambert art; Lea Michele’s new ‘little love’

The wait begins -Want to see some more stuff from the world of “Glee”? We’ll start here by saying that while we have some new images below, neither of them are actually a shot of anything story-related. That’s going to come when we get a little bit closer to “A Katy or a Gaga” airing on November 7. For now, what we have are a touch of something sweet, and something else to get excited about when it comes to Adam Lambert’s upcoming arc.

You can see the Adam-related photo at the bottom of this article, taken from the Instagram of showrunner Ryan Murphy. We’re hoping that the little showcase here is proof that they have some big plans for the Starchild character, who at this point is still a man shrouded in mystery, save for the fact that he will be rocking out with Kurt, Rachel, Santana, and Demi Lovato’s Dani in some sort of band that was at one point intended to cover Madonna songs.

Lea Michele -As for the photo that should make you melt if you’re a dog lover, Lea Michele shared on Twitter this week a picture of her “little love” Pearl, her animal companion that she is already snapping all sorts of pictures with. Lea has been active in the days following the Cory Monteith tribute episode, doing work for her upcoming debut album along with trying her best to raise some more money for charity. This is one of the busier times in her life since dealing with all of the tragedy of the summer, and it’s ultimately good to see her getting back in the swing of things.

When “Glee” returns, the challenge is simply going to be finding a way to keep that viewership up. We know that there were many who watched the tribute as a standalone hour and have no interest in tuning back in, so the new goal has to be retaining the people that are going to be coming back for more.

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Photo: Twitter / Lea Michele, Instagram / Ryan Murphy

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