‘Arrow’ season 2 spoilers: Seth Gabel back as the Count

Seth Gabel -Did “Arrow” find a way to take things up another notch? We’d like to think so, at least based on the newest casting that is out today. Seth Gabel is going to be roaring back onto the show later this season and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

The irony here is that confirmation of this news (which comes via DC All Access in the video below) comes just a day after we talked about the incredible array of villains that have already been brought on the show, and with Gabel’s addition the drama is going to be taken up yet another notch. What’s interesting is that his role is actually referred to as “Count Vertigo” rather than “The Count” (his nickname on the show), but we wouldn’t read anything major into that. What is really worth noting here is simply that the popular character is going to be back, and in a way that suggests that there will be much more corruption and chaos following him.

When Gabel was first announced to be joining the show last year the early implications were that he was going to end up becoming this sort of dramatic Big Bad that would at the time lift a sagging season stuffed with way too many story-of-the-week plots, but what ended up happening instead was that he appeared in two separate episodes, with the latter one especially featuring him locked up inside of a loony bin. The decision to bring him back now just shows yet again a commitment by producers to show off their villains as often as possible, and recognize just how important that they are to many fans.

The Count’s first appearance is still a little ways out, and before you do see him, get ready for a slew of other villains including Bronze Tiger, Deadshot, China White, the return of Malcolm Merlyn in some shape or form (there’s no guarantee that he is actually alive), and also some mystery foes that are going to surface just a little ways down the road. With more responsibility as a hero comes more reasons for Starling City to be in trouble, it seems; Oliver Queen is going to have a heck of a hard time trying to keep the place safe with all that is being thrown at him.

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Photo: The CW

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