ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 6, episode 4 review: Did Beckett get her job at the NYPD back?

Check it out -Going into tonight’s “Castle” season 6 episode, there was a feeling of prevailing concern when it came to the Kate Beckett character: No one knew whether or not she was going to be working again at the NYPD after everything that she went through in Washington. She was fired from that job, and from a talent perspective, you would assume that, almost immediately, Captain Gates would have her on the line ready to make her an offer.

But that didn’t happen; instead, Beckett was forced to sweat it out throughout tonight’s “Number One Fan” episode until she helped a man in power clear his name, and thanks to that she now has her old job back at the force.

This is good news … right? Well, in theory. We wanted to see Beckett back at the force, but is this too soon? Personally, there is so much more interesting stuff to be found in Beckett not having a job. We wanted to see her getting bored, holed up in her apartment, and having to watch silly TV shows to pass her time. Basically, it was a chance to show the lighter side of Beckett as she tried to get her mojo back, but it was almost like she never lost any mojo at all. She worked with the police the entire episode in order to ensure that Castle was able to clear the name of a woman that took him hostage in a dentist’s office.

Now that we have to accept that the mystery around Beckett’s job is over, the good news at least is that the show can get back to doing some of what it has for the past few years which is putting their characters through the all-familiar wringer. The long-term story now could be the wedding in the future … whenever that happens to take place.

In the end, this was a mixed bag of an episode that did bring us a great case with an emotional end to it. We just wish that Beckett was unemployed longer, and that the Castle family had a little more to do right now. This Pi story is making Alexis completely disappear, and that is never a good thing in our mind.

What did you think about “Number One Fan”? Share all of your thoughts below, and click here if you’re curious to see more of what is coming up later this season.

Photo: ABC

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