‘Bones’ season 9, episode 6 preview: First video of Booth – Brennan wedding … and the dress!

The latest -Is next week on “Bones” season 9 the much-anticipated wedding? You better believe it. “The Woman in White” is going to be an hour that packs everything in. Get ready for surprise guest stars, twists and turns, and a whole heap of romance. The show knows that it has been over eight years building up to this, and they are planning to include plenty of nostalgia in here. (For example? Ryan O’Neal.)

The first thing that you should take a look at? The wedding photo! Booth and Brennan look very happy to finally be exchanging their wedding vows, and you can take that as a sign that despite whatever drama could come up leading up to them saying their “I do’s” (and there will be trouble, this is not going to be just a skip down Lollipop Lane), it will pale in comparison to the moment in the end when they are able to finally be husband and wife.

Somehow in the midst of this, there is naturally also going to be a murder to try and solve. The team will try to handle the case themselves, but that may not actually be possible when you consider just how much Emily Deschanel’s character likes to be in the know about every little thing.

Take a look at the full synopsis for this emotional and hopefully beautiful hour below:

“The Jeffersonian team investigates the murder of Nancy Handelman, whose body was discovered at the time of Brennan and Booth’s wedding rehearsal. When the case becomes more serious than the team anticipated, Cam and Angela do everything in their power to keep the details of the investigation from Brennan in order to ensure that she will stay focused on her big day. Tensions run high when unfortunate events occur to stall the wedding temporarily, and Max (guest star Ryan O’Neal) comes to town with a suspicious duffle bag full of money.”

Is there anything that you want to see in the “Bones” wedding? Share whatever you want to see in the comment box below! Click here if you want to see some more news, at least in the form of our full review from the last episode.

Photo: Fox

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