‘The Good Wife’ season 5 spoilers: Has Kalinda’s love interest Juliet Rylance been cut?

The latest -The sad news when it comes to the Kalinda character on “The Good Wife” just keeps coming. If you remember back during season 4, there was that terrible storyline with Nick that had like two people excited and executive producers Robert and Michelle King got rid of that character after listening to complaints. Now they are also getting rid of another one before she even surfaces on the show.

According to TVLine, Juliet Rylance will not be turning up at all on the show in the role as an Assistant State’s Attorney who has a history with Archie Panjabi’s character. She did film some material for the first episode of the season, but it was later cut. As for the future, she was only scheduled to appear in one episode and she is simply not being brought back.

For Kalinda fans, that is sad, devastating news given that the hope here was for this to be a comeback season for her. Unfortunately, what we have seen so far is a few episodes where she really does not have that much to do. Remember when so much of the show was centered around Alicia’s relationship with her? Those were the days. Since season 4, her role has started to slowly diminish, and it’s hard to imagine just how huge a part she could have if Alicia does go over to a new firm, and Lockhart Gardner ends up coming apart at the seams.

Luckily, there’s still a ton of time left in the season, and it is therefore probably not a great idea to sit here and wonder as to whether or not she is going to have anything else that puts her in the spotlight. If there is one thing that we know about the producers of the show, it’s that they love Panjabi. She’s won an Emmy for this role and we want to believe that they will find a way to turn this around. For the time being, the issue is simply that Rylance was not the right addition.

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