‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ season 5, episode 4 preview: Blood, Sam, Callen, and #100 (video)

More scoop -There is no greater achievement for a show than obtaining its 100th episode. It’s a sign that you’ve truly “made it” since it means that you’re probably getting syndicated, have a big fan following, and odds are that you have probably been to at least one awards show unless you are that rare show that gets a hundred episodes despite nobody really caring about it. Is “NCIS: Los Angeles” one of those latter shows? Hardly, and this 100th episode Tuesday is going to be one worth celebrating.

Unfortunately for Sam and Callen, it is also going to be a case that challenges who they are and where they have come from far more than almost any other before it. Oftentimes you see these episodes as the sort that reflect and offer up a sense of nostalgia, and you are definitely going to see that happen here as the two discover a crime scene that has something written on a wall that is one part bizarre, and one part thoroughly terrifying.

This scene certainly does set the stage for something pretty crazy the rest of the hour. Not only is this going to be action-packed, but after spending some time focusing on Deeks the past few weeks, the central partnership is going to rise to the forefront here yet again as it did in the early days of the series. Early buzz is there (and it is strong) for some of the performances in particular, and the show just now has to hope that people actually watch in big numbers. This has been an awful season for CBS so far as their programs are down significantly in view viewers, and there are a huge chorus of flops out there from “We Are Men” (now canceled) to “Hostages.” Even Robin Williams’ “The Crazy Ones” has not emerged as the sort of hit that changes the way we watch television.

Before we get to tomorrow’s episode, we also want to do our part to answer another important question: Are there going to be some significant changes to the story thanks to Daniela Ruah’s pregnancy? You can read the article here for more on that, but what we will tease is that while this may force her to spend a little time away from the show, it is by no means proof that her character is going to have any big shifts in her personal life.

Photo: CBS

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