‘Hart of Dixie’ season 3, episode 2 review: Lemon and Wade’s ‘relationship’ gets out of control

lemon and wade -The premiere of “Hart of Dixie” season 3 really set us up for what is going to be a whirlwind ride this year. We have Zoe back in Bluebell along with her token boyfriend Joel (who we were all going to hate because he’s not Wade), Lemon is pretending to be in a serious relationship with Wade to help him look like he’s over Zoe (but also to hide the fact that she’s sleeping with Meatball), and George has had a one night stand with Lavon’s cousin Lynly (not knowing who she is), so expect George to probably get a punch in the face from Lavon at some point when he finds out.

Lemonade: Yup the shipper name for Lemon and Wade is “Lemonade” (loves it!). Now that the whole town knows about their “relationship” everyone is watching them like fish in a bowl. Not only that but Meatball has found out about them and he’s upset that she didn’t tell him that he was sleeping with his best friends girl, so he breaks things off with her. Lemon thinks that this will help her detox from Meatball to be able to move on and Wade loves that Zoe seems jealous…. things are looking good for this fake couple.

The Lemon complex: So just as things are starting to look good for Lemon and Wade’s ruse, she meets Carter Covington, a handsome bachelor that is interested in her. Unfortunately Zoe sees Lemon flirting with him and things get complicated quickly. Lemon quickly tells everyone that Wade and her are having problems so that things can work out with Carter.

The Lynly situation: After spending the night with George (but not exchanging names) he makes her breakfast and she hopes there will be something more between them, but when she is told that it was just a one night stand she’s even more heartbroken then she was before. When Lavon finds out about Lynly, his anger level goes off the chart and he enlists the help of George to find the man who broke her heart.

Zoe the detective: She figures out that the Lemon/Wade relationship is totally fake and calls him out on it, but he’s not going to go down without a fight.

The dinner party from hell: Even though Lemon has been trying to lay down the ground work that she and Wade are having problems so that she can be at the dinner party with Carter, he decides to show up to prove Zoe wrong about her hunch about the relationship being fake. Not only that but George tries to get Lynly to keep their one night stand a secret from Lavon so he can save his face from being rearranged and she does, but with the condition that he tutor her for law school. Wade shows up at the party and begs Lemon to keep their fake relationship going and even though she really wants to move on with Carter, she agrees to help him, but Zoe still isn’t buying it and asks Joel to help try and prove that it’s all a ruse.

Meatball’s wrath: In confidence Lemon tells Carter the truth about the fake Wade relationship, but when Meatball shows up and outs his secret “affair” with Lemon behind Wade’s back to the whole party we wonder if Carter will still be interested in someone who is playing so many games.

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Photo: CW

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