‘Supernatural’ season 9 spoilers: Will we see Metatron return soon?

Metatron -Wondering if Metatron was going to come back and cause some more trouble on “Supernatural” season 9? You knew that it was probably coming eventually in the wake of his takeover of Heaven at the end of last season, but now, it is actually confirmed.

In a post on Twitter, Curtis Armstrong (a man who proudly embraces the fact that he will forever be known first and foremost as Booger) confirmed that he will be back on set for at least two more episodes as the character, who we now know is as far away from being a good person / angel as possible. He’s responsible for Castiel’s life being ruined, and for all of the other angels on earth now going on a massive manhunt in order to take him down.

Armstrong himself is a pretty busy guy these days, and he marks the second host of a reality TV competition to be stopping by the show this year. He is one of the two guys responsible for TBS’ “King of the Nerds” (a fan favorite around here), which will be returning with new episodes starting up early next year. Meanwhile, “Whodunnit?” host Gildart Jackson (otherwise known as Giles the Butler) has a role in an upcoming flashback episode that follows up Tuesday night’s “Devil May Care.” Now if they are able to find a way to bring Padma Lakshmi and Tom Colicchio on as demon chefs we’ll be in what we like to refer to as TV heaven.

The main guest stars to look forward to seeing in “Devil May Care” are the returning Osric Chau as Kevin, Mark Sheppard’s Crowley (if you can really consider him a guest star, since he was in the promotional photos this year), and also Alaina Huffman as Abaddon, making her first appearance of the season as the woman desperate to take over Hell.

Excited to see some more of Metatron on the show? Share you responses below both to that, and what sort of story that you want to see him involved with. Meanwhile, click here if you have a hankering to see a sneak peek of “Devil May Care” prior to it airing.

Photo: The CW

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