‘Glee’ season 5 notes: Lea Michele, Chris Colfer’s weekend activities

What's next? -While “Glee” season 5 may now be on a little bit of an airing hiatus right now, the cast has already had their break and is back to creating new episodes following the Cory Monteith tribute. Does this mean more updates? You have to believe it, but we’re looking more today at some of the side projects that the cast is working on in the midst of them also creating installments on the show. (As for how they manage to do that at this point, we really have no idea.)

For Lea Michele, for example, what she appears to be occupying some of her time with now is her much-anticipated album. She’s been working at it for months, and her latest message on Twitter seems to suggest that it is a little closer to coming out in stores:

“I’m so excited for u guys to hear my album. It’s so special to me. Im so grateful for u all. Thank u for giving me so much love & support.”

If you are a fan of Lea’s, then the major hope that you have to have here is that this is a “Glee” original album that manages to take off. Matthew Morrison is probably the most successful star of the show when it comes to music, and even he has yet to land a major single or something that really took the charts by storm.

So how about Chris Colfer? He is spending more of his free time trying to do his part to promote the latest chapter in The Land of Stories, his best-selling book series. He went to Disneyland this weekend in an effort to promote it with a signing, and let’s be honest here: Is there really a place out there that is more appropriate than this one given the subject matter? Chris already has two best-selling books under his belt, and the fact that he has been able to do them at such a young age is all the more astounding. Chris did a book tour over the summer before returning to work, but he’s still able to find a way to do some more here and there.

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Photo: Fox

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