‘Masters of Sex’ episode 3 review: Why Dr. Masters (and his wife) should believe in miracles

Masters of Sex -Did Dr. Williams Masters get some good news on “Masters of Sex” tonight when it comes to his sex study? Not in the slightest, but what he learned instead was something that may be far more valuable to him at the end of the day: His wife Libby is officially expecting the couple’s first child. What makes this event all the more remarkable is that it is something that cannot be fully explained by science. All this time, we have heard explanation after explanation that Bill was the infertile one, though he was keeping it from his wife.

Libby actually learned the truth about her husband’s lie courtesy of Virginia tonight, but after she found out the news about her pregnancy, it really did not seem to matter to her anymore. This was the worst part of the episode, mostly because it seemed almost unrealistic to forget about that big of a lie just because of some good news that end up coming in her direction.

As for the most uncomfortable part of the episode, does Dr. Masters blackmailing a certain provost over the fact that he had engaged in sex with a male prostitute? While he chose this job, we really just felt bad for this prostitute for the entire episode. All he wanted was for him to find some sort of value to his life, and he thought that being a part of the study would be it. Then, Masters told him that he was not looking for such “outliers” as homosexuals or any other part of society different than the norm. Masters also abandoned the brothel for this same reason, but not before getting into a story about how the madam he was blackmailed into helping was unable to give birth to a child. The only key revelation to take from this was that through her conversations with Virginia, she told her to stay attach to Masters, who she believed was in love with her, since being next to a man was a way for a woman to succeed in this time.

This episode overall felt a tad uneven, mostly because the prostitute storylines really do not feel anywhere near as important as they once did. This is still an excellent series, but we need there to be some progress in the study next week for this to not feel like we are merely watching some more steps in the wrong direction.

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