‘The Walking Dead’ season 4, episode 2 preview: A look at ‘Infected,’ Rick fires away (video)

The Walking Dead -Rather than just giving you a straight-up promo tonight following the massive season 4 premiere for “The Walking Dead” on AMC, the show decided to do something that was just a tiny bit different in giving you a look at the entire season that is coming up on the cable network. Are there going to be more deaths? You better believe it, and by the midway point of the season, your jaw will be on the floor.

The next new episode is entitled “Infected,” and what you can start to think of it as the slow and steady fall from grace for Rick … who was never really that “grace-ful” to begin with. He had started this season so very desperate to turn over a new leaf and to not be such a public leader, but as you often tend to learn on this show, the best land plans tend to fall victim to a flesh-eating zombie attack.

Some of the other highlights of this promo include the following:

1. Michonne learning how to use car wheels as a very new and effective way.

2. Daryl Dixon being Daryl Dixon, which translates to mean a million different variations of the word “awesome.”

3. The words “The Governor” leaving the lips of a character, and anytime that you end up hearing this, you know that there is going to be a mountain of trouble that follows. (The episodes featuring the character this year are actually going to be somewhat of the standalone variety.)

This looks to be quite a season, and as a ratings junkie, what we are perhaps the most excited to see next is simply what sort of ratings are going to be unveiled for the show this week. Is this going to become the most-watched show in cable TV yet again? The records for this series just continue to be broken by itself.

Is there anything in particular that you are hoping to see on “The Walking Dead” next week? Be sure to share any predictions that you may have below, and click here for our full review of tonight’s premiere episode.

Photo: AMC

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