ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 3, episode 3 review: Did Conrad Grayson confess or ‘crash’ out?

Take a look -When it comes to what we imagine a quintessential “Revenge” episode to be, tonight’s “Confession” had it all. There was an Emily Thorne takedown story, Victoria Grayson coming up with her own nasty plan, and a fancy party that allowed for Nolan Ross to dress up like a combination between sea captain and Fred Jones from “Scooby Doo.”

But the main event for “Confession” was trying to see if Conrad Grayson would do just that: Admit to his sins after Emily made a deal with Pastor Paul. If he agreed to lend her a helping hand in convincing Conrad to do the “right thing,” she would make sure that she undid everything that she did to put the man in such an awful position last week to begin with. He actually said that he was willing to turn himself in near the end of the episode, and this ended up leading to a “WHAT RIGHT DO YOU HAVE?” speech from Victoria that was stuffed with as much power and gravitas as you would expect.

The only thing that could have possibly stopped this confession from taking place was Victoria, who decided to try and use the guilt trip to stop him. Did it work? That is the cliffhanger, given that we saw a car crash that led to the death of Paul, and Conrad standing in blood with the car smashed into a pole. Why is it that no plan for the Grayson family ever works out, not even the good ones? We imagine that there will be some explaining to do when it comes to this next week.

While this was transpiring, the romantic web continued to get all the more confusing. Margeaux, only a matter of an episode after dropping her dress in front of Daniel Grayson, is now getting chummy with Jack Porter. The only thing stranger than that was seeing that there may be some chemistry there between Patrick and Nolan, stemming from both a shirtless scene and the end of his party.

Oh, and we should mention that Aiden is not an adversary in the way that you might think.

What did you think about tonight’s “Revenge” season 3 episode? Be sure to share what you think in the comment box below! For more on the show, including a preview for next week’s all-new installment, you can take a look over at the link here.

Photo: ABC

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