‘Basketball Wives’ season 5, episode 9 preview: See Evelyn Lozada, Tasha Marbury in London

The latest -From the viewer perspective, Monday night’s “Basketball Wives” is going to be entertainment gold. From one perspective, we have the annual vacation! Anytime that we traditionally see these women take off to another place, they for whatever reason see this as a license that anything goes, and they can be as nasty as they want without having to see any real repercussions for it. The world doesn’t quite work that way, but apparently in their own twisted little world they can do whatever they like. (Must be an interesting little world to live in.)

With that in mind, we start this trip off with expectations that nothing is going to happen and all previous issues won’t be coming along for the ride. This is why we find the sneak peek below to be so entertaining, since you get the sense throughout the entirety of the thing that something is brewing. It starts with Evelyn Lozada teasing her fashion launch (innocent enough), and then slowly moves into watching Tasha Marbury and Suzie Ketcham each saying that they have no intention in reviving hat-war while on the road. They are going to stay away from each other, and not cause problems.

But Tasha, oh Tasha, why can’t you ever leave anything alone? Not long after she teases her intentions to keep things quiet and peaceful, she then goes on another tear about her hat and all sorts of other nonsense. She was quiet for just a few short minutes, and there is absolutely no way now that the two are able to actually finish this trip without any sort of major blow-up fight. Mark our words: It’s happening, and it will make us feel absolutely horrendous for the other women subjected to watching it.

But, then again, this charade is what the women signed up for. If you wanted to not be in a place where someone hits your hat off of your head, go find a different way to be famous besides appearing on a show where your claim to fame is being romantically attached at one point to someone else who was famous.

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Photo: VH1

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