‘Bones’ season 9, episode 5 preview: A David Boreanaz – Chuck Liddell video peek

What's ahead -In case you haven’t heard, Chuck Liddell is going to be paying a very special visit to the Jeffersonian on Monday night’s “Bones,” where he becomes a little bit more than just your average guest star. He’s also someone who becomes a suspect in the case, but why would the MMA fighter want to kill anyone? The answer to that question is pretty simple after watching the video below: He wouldn’t. The biggest thing that he is a victim of right now is being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Let’s set up what we believe to be the logical timeline for why Chuck ends up speaking to Booth in the first place.

1. Chuck gets punched in the face by some random fan.

2. Chuck chases the man down on foot, just like anybody would who was just socked in the face for no reason. The man gets into a car and takes off.

3. Later, the man gets a hold of Chuck, saying that the punch was something that he did because of his “bucket list.” It’s kind of a strange thing to want to do, but okay…

4. The man dies.

David Boreanaz’s character did not know about step #3, and we imagine that it will be the part that helps to get Chuck in the clear. He even offers to help out with the case if there is anything that he can do to help. With that, we have the end of what is a pretty unremarkable scene on the show.

As for why in the world Liddell is appearing in the first place, remember first of all that Fox and UFC have that big lucrative deal so that they can broadcast fights on the network and on some of their other channels. This is probably a cross-promotion and an extension of that. It may be a little cheesy and out of left field, but we don’t mind too much. “Bones” is in a happy place right now: Our two leads are getting married, and Monday’s episode is the last before they say those much-anticipated “I do’s” in “The Woman in White,” the last episode before the baseball hiatus and the move to Friday nights.

For a more serious peek, and a suggestion that bucket lists are a huge theme this week, just be sure to visit the link here. We’ll have a full review of this episode up tomorrow night.

Photo: Fox

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