‘Once Upon a Time’ season 3: Jennifer Morrison addresses ‘Swan Queen,’ talks future stories

Emma as hero -Can we just give Jennifer Morrison a brief round of applause here for coming up with a kind way to answer a very difficult question? Over the past couple of months, there is a contingent of “Once Upon a Time” fans who have found a level of chemistry between Emma and Regina, and thanks to that, the “Swan Queen” shippers movement began. Is there actually a chance that Emma and Regina will get together in the future? It’s doubtful … extremely doubtful. It’s not meant as disrespect to those particular fans, but it just doesn’t appear to be in the cards.

Now, we turn back to how Morrison chose to answer the question about the Swan Queen fandom at New York Comic-Con this weekend. Take a look at the full quote, via TVLine, below:

“We’re doing a show about fairy tales, which is about self discovery, it’s about identity. And if you guys are watching the show and seeing yourself in it, then great, that’s awesome. It warms my heart and it makes me so happy.”

When it comes to whether or not there will be any sort of same-sex couple coming to the show in the future, Morrison cautioned that fans should “keep watching.” This along with any character would be a very progressive movement for the show, especially since there is such an absence of gay characters in many fairy tales. Personally, we would love to see how the show tackles the subject, but we would be surprised if it involves any characters that we currently know, given that no one has been specified as having an interest in the same sex so far.

But, the joy of “Once Upon a Time” is imagination. So if you want to ship Swan Queen, Captain Swan, Rumbelle, or any other popular couple on the show, you’re inclined to do so and nobody’s going to discourage you. The only thing that drives us insane sometimes is seeing how intense and/or angry people get on Twitter to people running the show, especially since they are just trying to tell the best stories possible to please the largest percentage of fans.

We’ll have a full review of tonight’s “Once Upon a Time” episode soon; meanwhile, be sure to click here if you’re interested in catching a preview for it.

Photo: ABC

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