‘Shark Tank’ preview: See ‘Survivor: South Pacific’s’ Edna Ma sell BareEase (video)

Shark Tank -It’s a little bit unorthodox for us to talk about an episode of “Shark Tank” so many days away from it airing, but this is also a little bit of a different situation than most. Remember Dr. Edna Ma from “Survivor: South Pacific”? The best way to describe her is as the woman who rode along with the Upolu alliance for the entirety of the game, only to be taken out later by Coach, despite being one of the few people during the game that was actually really nice to him.

Well, let’s hope that she brings a similar amount of love and care to the tank as she tries to sell her waxing product BareEase. As someone who gets deeply involved in “Survivor” every season (and interviews all of the contestants), this is the rare situation for us in our “Shark Tank” coverage where we actually know about a product before it appears on the show, and we also know the person pitching it. Of course, we’ll still be honest and say that the presentation seems ridiculous, but the promo below is far too little of a sample size for us to really be able to say anything one way or another.

But let this be a lesson to other former reality stars: There is hope for you to get on TV again! All you have to do is be smart enough to create a product that actually has a functional use, create a business plan, and be smart enough to talk about it in front of extremely rich people who could be willing to invest in your brand (or who will eat you alive). This is otherwise known as “no easy task.” Edna pulled it off, but she’s been working at this for years.

We’ll have some more coverage of this episode as we get a little closer to the airdate on Friday, which will give us an opportunity to determine some of the other products that are being shown off, and whether or not any of them are worth buying for the mainstream consumer.

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Photo: ABC

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