‘Saturday Night Live’ review: Boy Dance Party, Lady Gaga Talk Show star in Bruce Willis letdown

SNL -Tonight’s “Saturday Night Live” was an edition of the show that had us worried before it ever came on. While Bruce Willis can be funny, there wasn’t really much in the way of inspiring material in the past week. This was one of those occasions where if the show had a crystal ball, it could have benefited from a week off.

Thanks to that, we had the weakest show of the season by a mile. The opening sketches were mostly bland, the pre-taped videos were somewhat underwhelming, and we got to the “Weekend Update” before we started to really let out a few major belly laughs. We’ll have some videos attached to this article in the morning just in case you don’t believe us, but before that, be sure to share some of what you thoughts about this episode below.

We also want to point out one other complete disappointment here when it comes to this episode: Katy Perry. We realize that she was only booked as the musical guest, and she was great, but why not participate in at least one sketch? It just feels like a wasted opportunity to use someone who is a big name.

The few, the good, the proud

24 Hour Energy for Dating Actresses – Even when you are in the middle of a bad show, a good commercial can help to make watching the show worthwhile. And this was a perfect send-up of Hollywood, from the audition process to some of the things that the supporters of actors go through. Just so you can’t call this sexist, the little tag for the same product for dating comedians at the end was the perfect way to tie this up.

Boy Dance Party – For most other shows, we would say that this was a waste of a pre-tape. The premise of a group of guys randomly staging a party after the ladies leave was pretty funny, and there were some good lines in here. We also now have a “shake that sack” image that we are never going to be able to un-see. So thanks for that, “SNL.”

Lady Gaga Show – This was actually not that great because of Vanessa Bayer, and the “Miley Cyrus Show” is actually much funnier. This was the right way to use Willis rather than letting him just be in a bunch of action star sketches. His Michael Kors was actually pretty close to being brilliant, and lifted this entire sketch to new heights.

“Weekend Update” – This is listed in this section more so for the jokes than anything else, since Kenan Thompson’s Barry Black was annoying. For whatever reason, we’re wondering whether or not Brooks Whelan’s tattoos were actually real, and the internet provides no real answer. It’s funny that the best new “Weekend Update” character so far this year was a guy just being himself.

Centaurs and vodka – Should a guy in the back of a centaur suit suffocating been particularly funny? Probably not, but this, like the Lady Gaga Talk Show, was completely dominated by Bruce and his performance. We don’t know if it was supposed to fall apart so quickly, but we really didn’t mind.

The many, the bad, the disappointing

“Gravity” opening – This seemed like a smart idea in theory: Why not combine a movie that is currently #1 at the box office with the government shutdown? The problem was that the writing for both actors felt uninspired. Anytime that we have the third new “SNL” episode in three weeks, we become immediately worried about whether or not there is good material left. This is an opening that left us unexcited about the rest of the night.

Bruce Willis opening – The entire thing was a gag about Bobby Moynihan not being able to play the harmonica. We get it: Bruce has some quirky talents, but when you don’t really have much else in the way to talk about, its another sign that a bad show is coming.

Navy Seal sketch – This one was just awful. It was Willis playing some wannabe butt-kicker, and describing all of these dangerous things that he is going to do to other people. There was nothing original about this at all; just Bruce being Bruce, and doing the same ol’ thing that he’s done a dozen or so times before.

Barbershop segment – It was at this point that we wondered whether or not there was any hope for this show at all, mostly because its sketches were following a pattern.

Kirby sketch – This was a little bit better than the other sketches on this list, but only because of Bobby Moynihan doing this same shtick that he’s done a few times already.

The return of Eddie – Like with Kirby, it was another regurgitation of another sketch from the show’s past. There was nothing to get excited about here that we hadn’t already seen back when Eddie was harassing Justin Bieber. We at least give it some credit for getting better as it went on, but it still falls firmly within the “disappointing” category.

If you want to find out who is hosting the next edition of the show in two weeks, click here for more details.

Photo: NBC

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