‘Saturday Night Live’: Edward Norton to host, Janelle Monae to perform on October 26 show

More news -There was more than one reason to watch this weekend’s edition of “Saturday Night Live.” In addition to seeing how host Bruce Willis and musical guest Katy Perry fared when it came to providing worth-staying-up for entertainment, we also had the chance to ponder the following question: Who is going to be the host for “SNL” on the next new episode?

Well, we’ve now got an answer for you: It is going to be none other than Edward Norton, and the next show will be in two weeks on October 26. We can’t exactly sit here with a straight face and say that this is the host that we would be the most excited to see, despite the fact that he’s a pretty great actor. Norton basically fills the same void as Willis in that he’s a movie star with a ton of credits, but none of them feel altogether recent or relevant. The last major headline we can think of was him not being in “The Avengers” last year.

The musical guest, meanwhile, is someone in Janelle Monae who we know will bring a ton of energy. While we feel like we have heard “Tightrope” on every commercial ever known to man at this point, we will never forget seeing her for the first time perform it live, and bringing so much exuberance and fun that we immediately became fans.

“SNL” will have some more new episodes coming in November, and hopefully it will be more of a mixture of comics, musicians, and actors. Heck, we’d even go for an athlete if it is the right person who has a good sense of humor about themselves.

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Photo: NBC

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