‘Once Upon a Time’ season 3 spoilers: Colin O’Donoghue lays out Captain Hook backstory

Take a look -Who was Captain Hook before he was a captain? Killian Jones is a name that you may remember from the first season, and you’re about to see how he was not always the cocky pirate that he has since become on “Once Upon a Time” through an upcoming season 3 episode.

Speaking about the subject of his own character’s history in a chat with TVLine, Colin O’Donoghue was kind enough to illuminate a little bit of truth on the subject of who Hook was back in the day, and the sort of job that the writers have done with creating a backstory for him that is, in a few short words, rather compelling:

“You’ll see different colors to Hook, and to Killian Jones before he becomes Hook. You begin to understand a bit more why he is so self-absorbed, apart from the whole thing with Milah and why he’s a pirate. [It’s about] how he becomes a pirate, which is brilliant. The guys have done a great job with that.”

Of course, one major component of that Hook story is going to be his backstory with Peter Pan, which we’re hoping is some sort of Walter White vs. Gus Fring level of amazing based on the near-relentless hype that it has received as of late. The producers have made it clear that this is something that they want to get right, and now that we are actually started to know Peter Pan, it’s a little bit easier to get invested in both characters so that we care about them together.

If there is anything in particular that you want to see in the Captain Hook backstory, we want to hear about it in the comment box below. We also have a sneak peek for Sunday night’s “Quite a Common Fairy” at the link here, and it should provide for a you a nice little explanation as to who Tinker Bell really is, and who she is close to.

The main question that has us curious is what happens once the “Once Upon a Time” cast eventually leaves Neverland. Is Hook still an important part of the story, or does he sail into the sunset? The Captain has become an integral part of the story, but almost everyone not related to Henry in some way has drifted out of the story on and off since the beginning.

Photo: ABC

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