ABC Family shows confidence in a show, renews ‘The Fosters’ for season 2

The news -Does ABC Family have a show that they believe in enough to actually renew it early? As it turns out, they do! The network has given “The Fosters” a greenlight for a season 2, even before the first half of season 1 has premiered on the network. Clearly, they have seen something that they like in production, and are confident enough to tell the parties involved to press on ahead without concern.

This announcement was first confirmed in a statement by the network’s COO Kate Juergens on Friday, who praised everything from the unique premise to the writing as reasons for it getting another chance to come on the air this coming summer:

“The Fosters has demonstrated its ability to build an audience, and the creative team’s compelling storytelling assures us that there will be more growth in upcoming seasons. The show’s dynamic cast and groundbreaking storylines resonate with our core viewers and leave them wanting more.”

If you sense a tinge of bitterness in our voice, it has nothing to do with our actual opinion about the show coming back. We’re happy for “The Fosters,” and unlike most trolls on the internet, you have to celebrate anytime that jobs are not lost for people who aren’t exactly raking in the ratings in the first place just to bring you a slice of entertainment. We’re still more bitter about the ABC Family habit of canceling shows without giving them proper endings. Remember “Make It or Break It,” the show that aired a series finale right before the event that everyone was waiting to see? Remember “Bunheads,” the network’s best-reviewed show perhaps ever that was not given a chance to grow its audience? You throw “The Lying Game” earlier this year in there, and you have a trifecta of sadness for shows that should have at least been given closure for their fans. It’s extra-hard to stomach cable shows meeting their end since you are shelling out money every month to see them.

Even if you are bummed about some of the other cancellations, are you still happy for “The Fosters,” and what they are trying to present for TV these days? Be sure to share some of your thoughts with a comment below.

Photo: ABC Family

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