‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 10 spoilers: Justin Chambers on ‘fun’ story with Camilla Luddington

Grey's Anatomy -Is there drama ahead for Alex and Jo on “Grey’s Anatomy”? There will be, but unlike some other couples on the show right now (see: Callie and Arizona times one million), there’s also going to be a little bit of fun mixed it. That’s right, it’s okay for some characters to actually sit back and enjoy themselves from time to time! These two are a very new couple, and at some point in the middle of everything that they are in the process of going through, they will remember to actually enjoy the relationship that they have.

Speaking to E! News at a time when most people (including us) are freaking out over seeing Alex has to deal with his drugged-out father, Justin Chambers teased the following about the stories coming up:

“I’m enjoying Camilla Luddington. She’s a great actress. We have some fun stuff coming up. I think people are gonna be really excited about what we’re doing. These new interns that are coming in have added such great flavor.” 

The immediate future will probably feature Chambers working a lot with James Remar, who is probably relishing the opportunity to play someone alive rather than the ghost of Harry Morgan for eight more years for his lumberjack son Dexter. Not only that, but he gets to work with more than one actor for a change! Remar will at least be around for another episode and maybe more depending on how the story goes, and look for Luddington’s character to bravely pick up the slack and try to cheer her man on rather than continually see him suffer. At this point, there’s nothing that we root for more then Alex’s happiness; he’s not close to exchanging wedding vows with his bride yet, but there’s at least some progress.

Be sure to share some of your ideal storylines below when it comes to Alex and Jo, whether it be working with some new guest stars, or maybe seeing the two do something silly like have a Halloween party. (We would die laughing if Luddington goes to a party as either her character on “True Blood” or Lara Croft … hooray for callbacks!)

Click here if you want to check out some footage of the new episode airing on Thursday, and we’ll have some more scoop really soon on everything else coming up for these characters!

Photo: ABC

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