‘The Amazing Race 23’ preview: What happens with Nicky & Kim, Tim & Marie at the airport?

What's wrong? -When you watched the preview for “The Amazing Race 23” at the end of this past new episode, you are probably wondering what in the world caused Marie to proclaim that baseball “bunnies” Nicky & Kim were “dead to me.” It was a tense moment, and a pretty shocking one given that we just learned that the two actually have a link via Tim’s former baseball career. If this is how Marie treats people that she has a positive connection with, imagine how she goes after someone who she is predisposed to hate? (We imagine her using telekinesis to make their heads explode from across the room.)

We now have an answer to this question courtesy of the sneak peek below from Sunday’s episode, and it is going to be very familiar to anyone who has watched the race with regularity over the years: Airplane drama! We also understand now why Marie is angry, and it’s because Team Baseball has actually thought of something devious before she could do the same: They secured the first standby tickets, despite not being the first team having to wait around to get them.

This just goes to show that you have to be cutthroat while at an airport if you want to ensure that you make it onto an earlier flight, and Nicky & Kim pulled that off and surprised everyone. This video also, for the sake of information, proves that a certain team of married doctors in Travis & Nicole made it onto the early flight that the Bunnies also scored a spot on. Meanwhile, Jason and Amy (otherwise known right now as Team Generic Boring Couple) appear to be on the second flight with Tim & Marie, which isn’t good news for the Boston duo given that there is an Express Pass that could be their undoing depending on whether or not they want to use it.

The teams are going to be shifting continents this week, which is why they are traveling from Chile to Sao Paolo in the first place to secure other tickets. What we have to say for now is this: Regardless of how entertaining and mad Marie gets (and female villains are so rare on reality TV that they are appreciated in some ways), none of it will probably matter given that there could be some ridiculous equalizer when the teams arrive in the new city just to make sure that the drama keeps simmering.

You can read more about the formulation of the (very brief) Tim & Marie / Nicky & Kim alliance here, and we’ll have some more news about this episode tomorrow night after it airs.

Photo: CBS

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