‘Saturday Night Live’ preview: Katy Perry gives Bruce Willis a hosting ‘tip’ (video)

More news -Is Katy Perry hosting “Saturday Night Live” tonight? No, but the former host is returning to a gig that she has also held in the past (in being the musical guest), and she will probably appear in a sketch or two given her past history of doing so. With this sort of experience in mind, she apparently thinks that she’s qualified enough to at least give actual host Bruce Willis some advice as to how to get some laughs and attention from the audience.

As you can see in the video below, her thoughtful feedback is as follows: If you want to get the attention of your viewers, flash them a little bit of skin. Bruce counters by pointing out that he already is flashing quite a bit of skin, and it’s called his head. Bruce’s baldness is iconic in a way, and he also boasts the ability to never appear like he is actually aging thanks to that dome continually looking the same year after year.

Bruce would actually be smart to rely on Katy somewhat in the episode, and the show probably feels the same. It’s never a good thing when the last time you were in the news was when it was about some sort of salary dispute (see the planned, but trashed, idea of Willis being in “The Expendables 3”); meanwhile, Katy has a #1 single in “Roar,” is one of the best-selling artists of the past five years or so, and doesn’t seem to have that many people out there who hate her with a white-hot passion except for “Sesame Street” parents who, in the words of Russell Brand, did not want to see the show brought to them by the letter D.

Expect tonight some sketches mocking Willis’ action-movie history, at least one more mention of the government shutdown, and maybe even something related to the NFL season. It’s been a fairly quiet week in news compared to some others, and we can’t see too many sketches bashing NBC right now (even though we would welcome it).

If you’re excited to see what Bruce and Katy do on “SNL” tonight, we want to hear some of your thoughts below! You can also click here to watch a promo featuring Willis and Cecily Strong that is the latter’s first-ever appearance on a commercial for the show. Exciting times! (Well, at least exciting for her.)

Photo: NBC

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