‘The Walking Dead’ season 4 spoilers: Andrew Lincoln teases major event in midseason finale

Andrew Lincoln -For “The Walking Dead,” almost every single episode contains some sort of major development; but to us, the biggest shocks always come either near or on finale night. This is where jaws hit the ground, and where characters basically need a life preserver to keep themselves from drowning in blood and/or zombie corpses.

And if you thought that some of the biggest shockers related to this group have already happened, here’s a little hint for you: They haven’t. As Andrew Lincoln tells TVLine, there is something enormous happening for his character of Rick in this episode; as a matter of fact, it could be so enormous that it helps you to forget a little bit about him being under the radar throughout the first handful of episodes:

“There’s been one scene that was pretty painful to do — it’s always the midseason finale! [Laughs] It was all going so well for me this year, I was farming and just kicking back – I thought it was going to be a really relaxed season for me – and then they just go, ‘Bam!’”

Really, the thing to remember here is that the odds of Rick actually not being in the forefront over the course of the season are about as slim as zombies doing a song-and-dance number to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. The guy may not want to be the boss of anything, but that doesn’t mean that others will feel the same way about him. In the right situation, he really may not be able to say no when lives are on the line, even though they typically are in the first place.

When you remember that both Lori and Andrea were two of the most notable characters to pass away during season 3, that should be pretty good evidence that the show is really unafraid to do anything… no one is safe. With that being said, we’d be stunned to see either Rick or Daryl Dixon die anytime soon. To us, they are the bread and butter of the show, and Glenn and Maggie are the soul.

“The Walking Dead” season 4 premieres on AMC come Sunday night, and we are going to have some more footage of the show over the weekend. With that in mind, stay tuned! Also, be sure to click here for some advice from Norman Reedus as to how to be just a little bit more like him.

Photo: AMC

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